Plumsun Management Portal (PMP)

Plumsun Management Portal
A unique detailed tool gives you control at your fingertips.
It is a web-based system, so that you and your colleagues can access it from anywhere.

It provides you with:
  • access to your own intranet site, allowing you to store documents and information, populate documentation and policies specific to your organisation, accessible to all colleagues that require access
  • electronic approvals of various documentation; from staff to lead coordinator and managers to external expert
  • automatic email and text alerts to inform you of documentation waiting for your approval
  • a reporting tool so that you can collate and report information:
    - updated and approved documentation
    - critical incident planning - accessed via the internet or telephone system
    - template documents for risk and health and safety assessments
    - policy documents and updated news items
    - a blog site for the whole of the Plumsun community, and an 'ask the expert' communication tool
    - booking and payment on-line facilities