Food Hygiene Management

We provide management support and consultancy to enhance best value, quality and operational practice.
We will provide recommendations for how efficiently to deploy your services by working with you and your contractors to ensure you have robust procedures in place for managing food safety.

We will conduct a personalised, proactive audit of your business that will also identify the things that you are doing well and help you strengthen any areas, which might need improvement.
Our reports include compliance (including allergens) and due diligence. We will also report on food and dining quality and customer satisfaction. We can review equipment and supply improvements for the future.

All current HACCP documentation and records will be reviewed, and where necessary, make recommendations for improvement. We can also create bespoke HACCP systems and log books which are specificaly tailored to your operation; easy and practical for you to implement.

You will receive prompt support from our experts should your company be on the receiving end of any food poisoning allegations, food complaints or EHO visits.